helping you to engage and energise your people !

Events that create a buzz

Equation Events brings people together to create a buzz, energy and memories that last. A forward-thinking events company, our energetic and experienced team can help your organisation to increase employee engagement and wellbeing with our upbeat activities and events. Versatile and cost-effective, our activities are proven to help energise and refresh the mind and body, as well as encourage everyone to work as a team, boosting company morale.


engage & energise

We help you to engage and energise your workforce with our fun and physical workshops, energisers and entertainment. From a 5 minute shake and stretch in the office, to a full blown day of workshops and entertainment, we will keep everyone alert and put a smile on their face!


From a couple of hours to a full day, these experiences are a change from the norm of away days and traditional team-building activities. Activities can include power posing, body language, dancing, singing, acting and drumming – or a mixture of everything if you opt for a full-day experience.

entertain & inspire

There are so many ways that Equation Events can help you create the perfect event or party. From dancers, singers and magic to creating a flash mob with your employees - we will help you keep the crowds entertained. We can even provide the perfect family fun day for you. The possibilities are endless...

a bespoke package to get the results you are looking for...

Our services are completely bespoke and we take time to talk to you and advise you of the most suitable options to help you get the results you are looking for. From power posing like superman with our positive mind & body training, to stomping the times-tables with our hilarious body maths energisers, our activities are very adaptable and can be used in a variety of company settings.

We are at your service with our 27 Years Experience and Reliability.

We are supported by a fantastic team of trainers, workshop hosts and performers. With over 25 years experience of creating and managing events for educational and entertainment purposes, our knowledge and expertise is second to none.

Based in the East Midlands and with established contacts all over the UK, Equation Events works with organisations up and down the country. 

if you want to create a buzz and energise your workplace, contact equation events today!

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primary learning

Your activities were a fantastic way of engaging everyone in the morning - it helped to break down barriers, get everyone up off their seats and be open-minded to new ideas.

Jesse Gray Primary School
club vita

The Dance Equation team certainly gave the Acturies a 'run for their money' as they showed us all how to Stomp our timestables! - What a fun way to bring everyone together.

Douglas Anderson
Founder of Club Vita

The team were brilliant at the charity Masquerade ball - thanks for the perfect entertainment. It was great working with you all.

Nicky Burley
transform trust logo

You certainly brought the ceiling down with your stomping timestables activities at our conference event! What a great way to start the afternoon session off - thankyou.

Transform Trust

Rebecca works magic! On the loosest of briefs, she choreographed a full routine to 'Don't Stop Me Now' and then put me and a group of friends through our paces at a dance workshop. Only one person in the group had any dance experience but in just two hours we had a flash mob to perform at my husband's 40th birthday party! Honestly one of the most fun things I've done in a long time!

Joanna Berthelot