a fantastic way to inject fun and energy into your organisation!

we offer a simple and cost effective way to engage and energise your people -

Our energiser activities are all about getting people away from their desks or seats and energised! They are physical, fun and interactive and are the perfect way to shake your team up and boost productivity. A great lead-in to the weekly team meeting or large conference, they get the mind and body buzzing, kick-start creativity and build team morale.

From a quick 5- 10 minute activity, a couple of hours or even a full day, these experiences are a change from the norm and will certainly give everyone something to talk about! We plan with you to get an idea of your event, people or message, then create and deliver the activity where ever you needs us.

Contact us today to discuss your event and we can find out more about what you are looking for so that we can come up with the best energiser activities for you…

energiser activities

brain gym warm up

Help to get those neuron pathways firing on all cylinders! A quick and simple way to liven everyone up with a simple set of exercises that connect the mind and body. Duration: 5 - 15 minutes. Can be repeated and developed at set times throughout the conference or training event. Suitable for groups 6 - 5,000 people. Cost starts at £100 for a group of 6-10. Contact us today to discuss availability.

conference energiser

From clapping in rhythm circles, to stomping the times-tables, all our conference energisers get people moving around, having fun and connecting mind and body. Contact us today to discuss your conference event so that we can advise you on the most suitable options. Prices start at £180.

power posing

Participants will have a go at 'power posing' like Superman and other super hero's. We can add fun and humour with costumes if you want the session to get people laughing and being silly. Duration: 1 - 3 hours. Suitable for groups 8 - 100 people Cost starts at £250. Contact us today to discuss availability.

stomping maths

Guaranteed to get your team laughing, being energetic and thinking creatively! From Stomping the times tables, to moving bodies in Binary Code! This Dancing Maths workshop is arguably the most novel team building experience you will ever encounter! Perfect to get people thinking outside the box, being active and connecting minds and bodies. You can also book out professional dance team to perform our Dancing Maths show at your event too... Contact us to discuss the options. From 10 minutes to 2 hours duration. Cost starts at £100. Suitable for 6 - 2,000 people.

rhythm in your body

Fun and physical energiser activities to engage the mind and body. A great way to get delegates up of their seats, moving around and wake up mind and body after sitting on concentrating for long periods of time. From Power Posing to stomping the times-tables, we will get everyone energised and alert!. Each activity lasts approx 5 - 10 mins and can be repeated throughout the day or in between other activities. Suitable for 6 - 6,000 people. PAO Please contact us.


Led by a professional singer, these sessions start with vocal warm ups and breathing exercises, then move onto simple singing techniques and harmonies. There is Participants then come together to learn a well-known song (which can be chosen beforehand). A great ideas for a flash mob, community project - the options are endless! Suitable for groups 6 - 500. 30 minutes to a full day event. A great session to repeat on a weekly basis. Cost starts at £150 for a small group. Contact us today to book.

line dance

Get those heels clicking and lasoo's ready for a fun packed and energetic line dance class. A brilliant way to get everyone giggling and energised. Duration: 30 minutes - 2 hours. Suitable for groups 6 - 200 people Cost starts at £150 for a group of 6-10. Contact us today to discuss availability.

flash mob

Flash mobs – everyone has heard of them, but what are they exactly? Flash mobs are a form of ‘unexpected’ entertainment that involves a group of people breaking out into a dance routine or song to stop people in their tracks. Maximum impact and maximum fun! We can create a Flash MOb with some of your team and suprise everyone else at your event with the Flash Mob. Or we can bring our professional performers to Flash Mob your guests - or combine them both - the choice is yours... Suitable for 5 - 5,000 people. Duration depends entirely on event. Each Flash Mob activity is bespoke, so please contact us for more information and cost.

DRUMMING energiser

Participants will learn simple rhythms and perform in a team. A fun, energetic and bonding experience. Suitable for groups 6 - 200 people Cost starts at £180 for small group. Contact us today to discuss availability.

dance show

Surrounded by 1920's themed costumes and staging, participants can immerse themselves in learning the Charleston, dress up in vintage outfits and have a ball!! You can even add our special 'behind the bar' cocktail dancers to inject even more fun! A great way to add something quirky and fun to your event. 1 hour - a full day. Suitable for 10 - 1,000 people. PAO Please contact us.


A whistle-stop tour of comedy - the history, where ideas for comedy writing come from, how to make your own routine, microphone technique and more... 2 hours to a full day experience. 4-30 participants. Cost starts at £300

the benefits of our activities

Pressure on companies to provide more than just a workspace is increasing. Responsible employment means that, as an employer, you need to take into consideration the health and wellbeing of your staff. This entails keeping them motivated, energised and feeling important. Our fun experiences are a great way to encourage everyone to relax, socialize and to have a break – away from their desks. 

By looking after your employees, you will reap the rewards of a more engaged, refreshed and active team, which leads to increased productivity, a more unified team effort and improved business results overall. 

Equation Events is different from your usual team-building company. With a wide range of upbeat activities, our events are adapted with your team in mind. We inspire, invigorate and, most importantly, make sure everyone has fun!